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05 10 2023

its past midnight so im writing this under a new date. i finally added this new section (thats admittedly still kinda empty) to my links,
but you can also see what im doing there here.
I also made it so that all those manga icons i have in my sidebar are clickable links that will lead u to a site that shows u some info on where theyre from, for some (most honestly) its nothing new or at all obscure but i think its a neat little thing to have, especially bc i do wanna find some of the more obsucre manga i read as a kid (still trying to remember the name of one that i really loved).
Anyways i should really finally go to bed now.

04 10 2023

last weekend + this week so far has been wild. the guy im seeing came over on friday again for a birthday, i finished work super late as per usual so we didnt do much. i was out drinking w some friends until like 2am i wanna say and he was at a different friends until then,
when i went home and he came to my place also he was super tired sadly. had hoped wed chill for a little together but he had already fallen asleep at that friends place.
saturday was kinda disappointing at first cuz way less friends showed up than we had anticipated, we ended up spontaneously going to a city over to pick up drugs cuz were all stupid junkies.. . IT WAS FINE THO I SWEAR. anyways 2 of the ppl who came from a city over went home after picking the stuff up, 2 other ppl didnt even join us there so then me, my guy and another friend went to mine and did ecstacy all night. yippee. it was rly nice for the most part.
my guy got kinda distant at some point throughout the night and i wasnt sure what to do at all cuz i was high as hell and that + the next day still leaves me doubting that this is gonna work out but also, weve only known each other for 2 months.. all i can do is keep contact and hope hes equally interested in me as i am in him *sigh*.
SUNDAY WAS ASS, i had the worst down off this stuff i ever had. i was just sad for no reason, crying a lot for no reason, and he clearly didnt know how to handle me then which was uh not great. i COULDVE told him what wouldve helped but i was doubting literally everything ever then so no way in hell i was gonna open my mouth LOL. he also had to go back home that evening cuz of a family visit :( that sucked. the other friend went to a grindcore concert that night. i was originally debating going also but i felt too much like shit so after brining my guy to the trainstation that friend went to the concert and i went home. that friend came back to mine after the concert which was nice at least.
monday i had to go to my doc to get some sweeet sweet sick leave for this weeks plans (godda go back tmrw tho). Went to Dresden w my friend to see Class Sinners and the Bois live (super dope singaporian oi bands. totally recommend). concert was sick, but i also was sick of dresden. bc we were stuck there until 5 in the morning, with barely any battery left on out phones and our music speaker out of battery also. we ended up laying inside some bank for 2-3h cuz it was warm in there at least. we were home by 8:30.
TUESDAY was the next concert, this time in our city. i slept until like 2:30pm ish, coulda slept longer but decided to get up already so i would have an easier time sleeping in the evening. i was (STILL AM BROTHER) in so much pain that i knew the next concert would be a bad idea. WE WENT ANYWAYS. This time Produzenten der Froide and the Prowlers, Oi bands again. met a classmate from 6 years ago which was kinda nuts, we chatted a bit, it was alright but i couldve gone without it. wanted to not pogo too much this time around and i mostly stuck to that but any of it was too much and my body HATES ME TODAY.
and well today. i spent basically all day sitting in front of my pc, playing the sims 2, browsing tumblr.. as one does. im in so much pain. i dont wanna go to work tomorrow grrraaahahhhhh. kill kill kill. ok signing off lol bye.

10 09 2023

today was the last day of my time off work, i wanted to work more on this here but instead spent almost all my time playing stardew valley. i diiiid buy this very sick jacket and necklace tho so teehee look at thaat.

also went to pride yesterday for the first time in i think 2 years now, i used to not like going to the parades cuz i always felt like shit afterwards but i was fine this time which was nice.
the guy i like wanted to come on friday and stay for pride but smth got in the way for him so he couldnt come. i think im worrying too much abt this but i think that either i did smth thats pushing him off me or he realized that he doesnt reeally like me and im just a little anxious about it. he hasnt been super talkative over text this past week and idk maybe im reading too much into this but also whaddefuck im just lonely and was happy i thought id found someone and i mean MAYBE everything is fine but idk and its kinda stressing me out :( wah. ohwell, today i spent most my day putting up more stuff on my living room walls (no pic cuz its dark already and it jsut doesnt look good on camera w the lamp i have. but its coming together nicely.

30 08 2023

hello everyone. work this week has luckily been mostly ok and today is my last day until im off for the rest of the week and the week after. im also getting my sisters old desk so i can finally properly set up my Windows XP pc, just need to ask my parents if they can drive it over tomorrow or friday. godda love more furniture. i dont wanna buy too much this month but ill try to get my hands on a second hand couch
(saw one nice looking one for 150 Euro which would b dope) and maaaybe finally a shelf, but only maybe. i dont have that much money LOL. Gonna go out w 2 friends tmrw, eating out at a burger place we occasionally go to, last time was back in january.
the guy im seeing atm also asked me if i wanna come visit his during the time im off work soo <3 yay to that.
praying to every god out there that today will b fine at work again also.
still need to get up and cook something and also idk what else to say rn so uhm byeee

22 08 2023

7 months no updates on here oops. i swear ive been thinking about this a lot but i never found the time or energy to come back to it.
but i want to try. i dont wanna go on too much abt what happened in this last half year but some noteworthy things include having moved apartments and going to many many concerts and festivals with some still coming up. i also had some ideas for stuff i wanna do on this site but you know. no motivation, always working and when im not at work im out and about but whatever.
today was pretty stressful at work, machines just not working all over the place, the most incompetent coworkers to deal with...
tmrw well be one person less which usually is not smth to b excited about but BOY AM I. after work i hung w some guy i met at a concert months ago, we got some iced coffee and just hung out around town, it was nice. checked the second hand store in town for a couch and saw a well priced one but ill still have to wait until next month cuz i got my kitchen this month... so thats 2175€ removed off my bank account :-|.
gonna see my parents tmrw which im not suuuper excited about but its fine. hopefully ill find the time to talk more on here again

23 01 2023

couldnt sleep for way long last night and ended up getting up at 4am for work on about 3 hours of sleep. was pretty awful ngl.
my plan was to go to my piercer to get some jewlery replaced and then get home and play ac for the rest of the day and guess what,
i didnt do any of that. at my piercer i noticed i didnt have my wallet on me, i thought i forgot it at home after unpacking groceries on friday. afer rummaging through my apartment for several hours and even going to the last store i went to to ask if anyones maybe picked up my wallet i have come to the conclusion that i must have lost it after grocery shopping. fun times. thats 240 euro for festival tickets i had on me down the drain.
i hope that if you are reading this your day went better than mine :(

21 01 2023

uhm. happy new years i guess. ive been thinking about this all week but works been a bitch so i never got around to being on here again.
not too much happened in my life. i recently bought animal crossing for gamecube and have been playing it a lot.
i should add an ac section on here somewhere. maybe ill do that tonight now that i think about it. ive also been drawing more again which is nice.
hope everyone who reads this is having a nice evening <3

04 08 2022

stuck at home until monday for now bc i got the covids, the ronas, ugh.
dont think ill be working on this much in the time tho bc omg im so dead my brain is NOT functioning.
spent all of yesterday sleeping, and a lot of it today also. just in general having a miserbale time rn :(

17 07 2022

busy week once again. i wanted to add more stuff on here today but i cant seem to figure out the damn code. was at a concert friday night
(i had to join super late bc of work so all the bands who played outside were done and i didnt wanna hang around inside so i didnt actually see any bands), mostly just hung out w my friends having a good time. i got my septum pierced by one of them which is super nice,
it hurt like a bitch but im glad its done lolol. we stayed up all night and spent most of saturday together also... including work on friday i was on my feet from 1pm on friday to 11pm on saturday haha so needless to say i was pretty exhausted and lazy all day today.
i need to clean my aptmt until tuesday morning bc my dads coming over to bring some furniture my parents dont need anymore to my place so i know what ill have to do before work tmrw... and i should sleep really soon so i actually have time to cleaannn.
its supposed to be SUPER hot next week.. like 35 to 38C kinda hot and im super not excited for work. some of my friends are leaving the city to stay at a friends families summer property (is that the word? its like a big garden + some small houses.. like bungaloes?) now that summer vacation started last week, and i am HORRIBLY jealous bc the only time ive ever been there the weather was shit and it was cold and miserable. at least work is slowly but surely slowing down with less and less orders coming in.

10 07 2022

spent most of my week home from work bc i felt sick on monday and my doctor let me stay home all week.
played a lot of ts2 again but didnt do much of anything.
FINALLY got myself a new phone, kinda disappointed bc i didnt wanna get another iphone but that is just what i did :/.
did a rly big drawpile collab w some discord friends for the 2nd anniversary for my server last night which was nice,
its not quite finished yet bc one person still needs to color their drawing but ahh its so cool already.
edit: added some more art and started setting up my sims screenshots section.

01 07 2022

oops i kinda didnt touch this for almost a month. life has been super busy, im almost never home on the weekends bc im out at concerts or just hanging out w friends (made sushi w some friends last weekend it was a lot of fun, they also helped me finally clean up my aptmt <3) and also work has been ... a lot, its finally calming down a bit but this week has been super stressful and the heat is NOT helping.
anyways idk when ill come back to update this page as a whole but hopefully soon :(

09 06 2022

woke up super late today and barely had any time to do much of anything before work which suckkks, slowly adding more stuff to my sims downloads page (added some builds i made) and next ill probably post some gameplay screenshots i took. still partially in the progress of finishing my new uberhoods setup bc i keep forgetting stuff (i still need to turn more of them into supernaturals!).
also im super excited for saturday bc ill finally b at a concert again dont know all the bands but knochenfabrik (suuper good funpunk band) and rawside (like?hardcore punk idk genres are confusing. they go hard as hell either way lol) are gonna play and i WILL die lol.
still need to see if my one friend can join me to the ska festival next week bc if he cant come i wont go at all bc im not going to a 3 day festival on my own even tho i rly rly wanna go... but alone would suck super bad. :(

08 06 2022

added a sims section + one specifically for downloading my cc! still got stuff to add to it but i gotta sleep finally. im spending a lot of time on all this rn but its fine bc i feel like im actually being productive + im actually actually learning:). work today was fine too...
im just hoping that this one guy whos been helping out today and yesterday doesnt stay, he gives me real bad vibes,
like, having 2 black sun tattoos bad vibes.. just THE best kinda guy huh.
also i played some wii sports again w my little sister on sunday and today she sent me a picture of a score she got in the baseball game,
since shes apparently been practicing after she lost against me twice
so ill have to get onto that practicing too! no way im losing my title of the wii sports basebal champion >:)!
anyways making this website is a lot of fun and sitting down and typing a little bit just for myself at the end of the day is really nice too. im still undecided abt moving this to a dedicated blog section tho...

07 06 2022

fiddled around w my art page a bit today + work sucked rly rly bad lol. had a headache like all day and kept messing important stuff up :(. thinking abt moving what im doing here to a dedicated blog page but am not sure yet. ALSO thinking abt getting rid of the music player
bc i dont like how it shows up on every page and not just the home page.
edit: got rid of the music player. gonna fix how stuff looks now and then go to bed zzz
edit the second: im not fixing shit this stuff isnt working goodenight

06 06 2022

hi wow this is a fun new place to archive some stuff im doing and talk about anything thats on my mind really.
today i spent all day doing this lol, ill probably add some more links.. soon? idk i just made this today aferall.

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