Music shenanigans

36 2023

1)Mess - The only Judge
Ive actually been meaning to listen to these guys for a while now. when listening to music over youtube when im w friends i already listened to a bit of their stuff and im liking what ive heard so far, i do feel like these guys would sound better live but i cant quite explain why. not bad for sure tho id say.

2)Buster Shuffle - Sucker Punch Blues
damnit i really cannot get myself to like buster shuffle it seems, i like this kinnnd of music but somehow everything i hear by these guys just pisses me off. idk if its the singers voice or how it sounds just a tad bit too poppy for me. whatever it is i do not like these guys. this is the kinda song that if someone else put it on id let it play but if no one wants to listen to it specifically and it comes on id skip. i can deal with it, i dont hate it but god i sure as hell dont like it!

3)The Barstool Preachers - Choose my friends
I didnt like this one on the first listen but i think its growing on me, pretty catchy but im still not suuuper into it. dont mind it but again i feel like its just a little too poppy for my liking, man i got shit taste what can i say

4)Wisdom in Chains - When we were Young
OKAAAAAY okay yea this ones pretty dope. starts strong right away, im really digging this one. might check out more by these guys, idk i dont have a lot to say on this one. goes hard. recommend. cosigned cuz that was some real shit you just said or whatever that one meme is

5)moscow death brigade - one for the ski mask
these guys arent usually my type of music but i do know that i liked a few of their songs before and this one is no different, maybe i just simply need to admit that i maybe also DO like this sort of stuff. but i dont think my ego could take that.

6)Manifa - la Casa del señor
No clue what the fuck hes saying but shit sounsd good. these guys definitely seem fun, and like smth to look back into eventually.

34 2023

1)The Duke - Beer Football and Ruck and Roll
alright lets see. dont get me wrong, i do enjoy dumb Oi drinking songs, what kind of skinhead would i be if i didnt. but man do i not like this one. i think its a combination of the almost immediate denounciation of politics (look i get it. shit can be exhausting but not a great way to start any song man.), the singers voice and MAN i just dont like football ok. this one aint for me, reppetetive in an annoying and not catchy way and the singers voice pisses me off.

2)Pisse - Duenne Decke
had this come out when i still kinda gave a shit abt pisse id reeeeally enjoy this i think, its a pretty good song and i can see it getting stuck in my head but its simply not the kinda music i listen to these days. also obligatory grrr why good song so short. i think listening to this one a few more times would really warm me up to it, and if im eeeeever really in the mood i might check out the full album. who knows.

3)Lulu und die Einhornfarm - Ich bin eine Schlampe
YEEEEEA LULU. i definitely gotta check out the rest of this album. banger song per usual, im hooooopefully maybe gonna see them in december, missed a free concert they did here in july cuz i was at a festival that day. idk what to really say here good song i enjoy stamp of approval or whatever. can u tell im not good at putting my thoughts into words but thats ok bc this is supposed to b simple